March 2017 Update on Ten-point Plan

On 10 March 2015, the University of Amsterdam (UvA) Executive Board launched a ten-point plan to establish a more modern course for the University. Much has happened in the last two years regarding the democratisation and reinforcement of the representative advisory bodies, financial transparency, HR policy and other aspects of this plan. The following is an update of what has been done in the past two years and what remains to be done.

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  • Point 01: Investing in and strengthening participation in decision-making

    Greater involvement in appointments, earlier consultation regarding policy development and the appointment of a student assessor are examples of the way participation in decision making at the UvA has been strengthened.

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  • Point 02: Commitment to further democratisation

    The Democratisation & Decentralisation Committee has been set up following a proposal from action groups and representative advisory bodies. Both committees, facilitated by the UvA, have conducted research, formulated recommendations and ...

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  • Point 03: Decentralisation of teaching and research

    Efforts have been made to strengthen the influence Boards of Study and involve the faculty advisory bodies at an earlier stage.

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  • Point 04: Financial transparency

    Over the past two years, a great deal of emphasis has been placed on financial transparency, promotion of transparency and making complex issues understandable to a wider audience.

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  • Point 05: Presenting the decision on the construction of a new University Library to the entire academic community

    Two scenarios have been developed for the new University Library, and the consultation process will start on 16 March.

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  • Point 06: Prioritising creativity and innovation in teaching and research

    There have been a number of developments relating to blended learning, flexible learning and the evaluation of study success.

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  • Point 07 and Point 08: strengthening the relationship between teaching and research and reining in temporary employment contracts

    Recently, extensive effort has been devoted to reinforcing the UvA’s HR policy, for example by establishing an HR agenda for the years to come and by processing the effects of this agenda into an action plan. The guiding principles in this regard ...

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  • Point 09: Debates in the Maagdenhuis hall

    Since September 2015, various debates have been held in the Maagdenhuis hall. The subjects under discussion included the university’s role and place in society, the student-loan system and funding of teaching and research, the opportunities and ...

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  • Point 10: Reminding the government of its responsibilities

    The Executive Board maintains regular contact with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Minister of Education. These discussions address activities relating to the Equal Opportunities Alliance and guaranteeing accessibility of ...

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